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Rents increase proportionately to rising home prices,
lock in your housing payment instead of increasing rents.

Do you know the rent prices and proportional to home prices in a given area? Meaning if home prices go up then so do rental prices.  That may not be good news, but why not buy a home a lock in your monthly payment.
Ask a parent or loved one, when they bought a home and how much their mortgage is. The answers will surprise you.  An average home today may have a mortgage payment of $1750. That same home 10 years ago would be closer to $1000. And better yet, their payment would see be around $1000. But do you think the rental prices of a home would be the same as 10 years ago… definitely not.
Find out how you can own your own home and take advantage of home appreciation and equity. Let me show you how! Schedule a free 10-minute call to find out how to start and what programs are available. There is no harm in trying and if anything, you will at least get a plan of what to do to eventually own a home.
So schedule today and find out what you need to do to own your home.

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